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Stop trying to win the internet, and …

Simplify Your Business by Becoming The Obvious Choice!

Free Virtual Summit Event, October 6-8

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Our summit weekend (Oct 6-8) is the opportunity to participate live. However, it is NOT the only way to be a part of the event and consume the talks!

Our lifetime access pass provides you the ability to watch all the talks you want at your own pace as many times as you like. 100% of what you pay for the pass goes to supporting families battling pediatric cancer (see below)

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From: Jonathan Goodman
Toronto, Canada

Marketing to humans these days has become so (in)human

Vainly trying to become an influencer isn’t a good way to grow a business. Human Avoidance Marketing (HAM) doesn’t work.

This free summit is your recalibration.

Research shows that over 90% of sales are ‘silent’ in that they still happen through trust and word of mouth.

They’re silent, because we don’t hear about them.

For that reason, we focus too much on the remaining 10%, the leftover scraps, that can be measured or seen.

The truth? By the time a sale can be measured, all of the Obvious Choices have already been hired.

This summit is about the 90% of sales that happen behind closed doors. It’s about how you can become one of the success stories you don’t hear about.

But also, it's about being able to do the work that you love to do.

And yes, it's about making enough money to pursue your passion.

But mostly, it's about being yourself.

We're going to teach you how to market and sell to humans. Because no matter how much technology progresses, humans stay the same.

I hope you join us,


Who you'll be learning from:

Real Speakers Making a Real Difference in the Real World

$100 million business owners, 7-figure Mompreneurs, and leading researchers on marketing, focus, and happiness.

(Tap / click on any pic for bios.)

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Who this Free Summit is NOT For

This isn't for influencers or Silicon Valley Unicorn startups with fake billion dollar valuations.

We won't be showing you useless stuff like how to find the best hashtags or entertain people with 7s videos where you dance like a monkey on the internet.

And we won't be talking about friggin' funnels.

Winning the internet and winning in business are two different games.

If you're looking for short-term hacks or algorithm 'secrets', this isn't for you.

Who this Free Summit IS For

This summit is for entrepreneurs, coaches, and small business owners across all industries doing real work in the real world.

If you sell online, locally, or a combo of both and want to know the timeless lessons for simple, low-stress, and highly profitable business for humans then please join us for this transformational free event.

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100% For Charity

In October 2022, five-year-old Nova Kennedy had a dinnertime headache. In 48 hours, she was in emergency surgery for brain cancer.

Over the next nine months, Nova bravely faced surgery and six grueling rounds of chemotherapy. Without financial support, her family would also have had to face a lifetime of debt.

Her story sheds light on an often-unseen aspect of childhood cancer: financial devastation. With average costs at a staggering $833,000, many families find themselves facing serious debt and income loss.

Together, we can help.

The Obvious Choice Summit is in Support of the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

This summit is 100% free to attend. 

After registration, you will have the option to purchase lifetime access of the recordings for $99 and/or make a donation.

Jon is paying all costs of the event and 100% of all revenue collected through recording purchases, donations, and sponsorships will be donated to the Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF) in Nova's name.


The Tyler Robinson Foundation (TRF) provides crucial financial assistance to families battling pediatric cancer, helping with rent, utilities, transportation, and more. Their aid was pivotal for Nova's family, allowing them to focus on her recovery.

Now in remission, Nova's story is a call to action, underscoring the importance of organizations like TRF. Together, our support for TRF will enable more victories for children like Nova, ensuring families can focus on what truly matters: a healthy, cancer-free future for their children.

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